Arena Zagreb

Arena Zagreb is the largest sports hall in Croatia. It was built in 2008 for the purpose of hosting the World Championship 2009. Due to its beauty, functionality and importance, Arena Zagreb has become a new architectural symbol of the City of Zagreb.

It is located in the south-western part of the capital. Thanks to its iconic design and position at one of the main city entrances, it has immediately become a landmark of the city. The arena is designed to seat 15,022 spectators, however if required the hall can accommodate up to 18,600 spectators.

Arena Zagreb is a multifunctional space, fully equipped for various types of indoor sports events. From an ice hockey rink to basketball and handball matches, the Arena Zagreb is ready to meet the requirements of whichever sport.

Thanks to collaboration with expert consultants, many important issues were considered in the building's design. For example, no natural light is enabled except in case when the light-proof sky domes are in an open position. This is very important to prevent possible light reflection disturbances during matches as well as for quality TV broadcasting.